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Hole 1

Sitting at 516 yards from our back tees, the first hole is the longest on the course. A par five that heads downhill off the tee with bunkers protecting the right, the real challenge comes heading back up to a well protected green. Going for the green in two can leave you well out of position, but laying up leaves you a tough uphill wedge into a two tiered green.

Hole 2

With fairway bunkers left and right, and water all the up the right-hand side, a middle to left tee shot is ideal coming into a narrow, but long green. But be careful, anything that comes up right of the green will trickle down to the water, while anything left will leave you with a tough downhill chip.

Hole 3

This first par three on the course, sitting just over 200 yards from the back tees. Water once again protects the right-hand side, so a bail out left is the miss. But be careful, the downhill slope off the left will leave you a tough up and down if you want to save par.

Hole 4

The toughest hole on the course, primarily due to an extremely demanding right-to-left tee shot with precise distance control. A three wood off the tee is in play for longer players, because this dogleg left is lined by trees for those who miss left, and well out of place for those missing right. A precise iron into the green is essential, with long going out of bounds and short leaving you with a tough pitch from well beneath the hole.

Hole 5

The second par five on the front side of the golf course, a great tee shot here leaves you with a birdie opportunity. But be careful, a group of fairway bunkers off the left forces a tee shot that contends with a massive tree off the right hand side. But for those who find the fairway, you're left with a long downhill iron or fairway wood into the green, with everything sloping downhill and right until you hole out.

Hole 6

The longest par three on the course, playing 231 yards from our back tees. Once again, a forced carry over water, with a long uphill slope to a wide, but short, two tiered green. Finding the correct tier is essential, especially if you do not find the green in regulation, if you want to save par.

Hole 7

An incredible downhill tee shot sitting well above a wide fairway. But out of bounds lurks left and a chip out remains for those who miss right. A green that is tucked slightly left behind the trees, a miss left or long leaves another very difficult up and down.

Hole 8

The third par three of the front side of the course, a large sloping green that is protected front, left and right by a trio of bunkers. Even a green in regulation here does not guarantee par, with a large, sloping putting surface that requires precision with speed and line.

Hole 9

The front nine finishes with a narrow, uphill par four that challenges players to pick precise distances and lines. If you find the fairway off the tee, you'll be left with an uphill lie, firing blind uphill towards a large, sloping green that requires precise distance control.

Hole 10

Our back nine starts with a long, downhill dog leg right that tests your nerve off the tee. Those bold enough to take some off the corner can be rewarded with a short iron into the green, or be faced with punching out from the trees. Another long, sloping green punishes those who miss long and challenges all who reach in regulation.

Hole 11

A short par four, measuring 274 yards from the back tees. But don't let it's length fool you, there is nothing simple about hole eleven. Uphill to the green, distance control off the tee is essential. Those who go for the green can be rewarded, but are more likely to find one of the many bunkers, or trees that squeeze this tight fairway. Hitting into this small, turtleback green doesn't get any easier. A shot to the middle of the green is safest, where you'll then have to fight for a two-putt par.

Hole 12

Another short par four, measuring just 339 yards from the back tees, but still deviously deceptive. A ridge runs down the center of the fairway that makes this tee shot crucial. Find the right side of the fairway, and you'll have a even lie with a wedge in hand. Find the left side, and you'll be facing a blind, uphill, half wedge into another narrow green surrounded by bunkers.

Hole 13

The toughest hole on the back nine, a long, demanding par four. A tee shot that requires you to split two trees, one that sits right off the left, and another off the right, also needs to be long enough to give you a manageable shot into the green. Bunkers left and right, with a green that plays tricks on your eyes makes this a very difficult hole.

Hole 14

The only par three on the back side, and by the numbers the easiest hole on the course. But a ridge that runs right down the center of the hole makes finding the right portion of the putting surface essential. The large green, protected by trees and bunkers on both sides, follows the ridge down the fairway to create two distinct sides to this hole.

Hole 15

The first of two back nine par fives, as long as your tee shot finds the fairway you're looking at a birdie chance. But once again a high-risk, high-reward shot into this par five green. Slightly elevated, with bunkers short left and right, and out of bounds long and left, hitting this green in two will not be easy. But those who do will be rewarded handsomely.

Hole 16

Another short par four, just 333 yards from the back tees, with a wide fairway even with a blind tee shot. But the challenge here lies after your tee shot. A wedge, or even half wedge into this green, with bunkers surrounding the front and left make this a test of those tricky distance shots, followed by another tough test of putting prowess.

Hole 17

The final par five of the day is perhaps the trickiest with another risk-reward tee shot. With three bunkers lining the fairways center before the holes make a sharp left hand turn you have two choices. Lay up off the tee, or try to cut the corner with a towering right to left shot reserved only for the bravest of the brave.

Hole 18

Our finishing hole leaves you with one final blind tee shot that once again test distance control. If you find the fairway at the bottom of the hill, you'll be left with another wedge up the hill into a tough, two-tiered green. Birdies here are a well-deserved end to your round.